How long is the party?The standard party is 2 hours. If you wish to have a shorter or longer party arrangements can be made with the party coordinator and fees will apply.
How many children are included in the party?The "Small Party Package" includes 10 kids in the intial price. Additional kids may be added at $25 each.

The "Standard Party Package" includes 15 kids in the initial price. Additional kids may be added at $15 each.

There is no limit on the number of guests, but if you expect more than 30 advanced notice is recommended so we can ensure you are in a large enough room and extra staff has been scheduled.

Is the party private?No, the party is not private and there may be other parties at the same time, as well as general open gym customers. The parties are generally staggered by at least 30 minutes to avoid overcrowding.

However, we do offer private party packages. The private parties can be held in the 12000 square foot private gym. Please contact the event coordinator for customized details and pricing.

Are siblings allowed to join the party?All Participants, including siblings and the birthday child, are included in the initial count of your party package. If a parent brings an extra sibling, you have the choice to include them at the rate your package denotes, or you may ask your party host to advise the parent to pay at the register for regular open gym admission price. If that sibling is not included, they may enter the party area with the adults but will not be provided seating, place settings, or waters.
Will I have party area access for the entire party?No, the party area is available to you for 30 minutes, however whenever possible, the party area will be ready and available to you upon arrival. If this is the case the party supervisor will let you know, if not the party supervisor will take your items that you have brought in for the party and store them until it is time to prepare your party area. Your party area is guaranteed to be ready for use after 1 hour after check in and available to you for 30 minutes. Please do not enter the party area unless the party supervisor advises you that you tables are ready. The Party supervisor will take you items and store them in the party area for you. void overcrowding.
Parents of guests?Parents are welcome in the party, however we do not encourage you to invite too many adults as the party room is for the kids and it is standing room only for adults. We do not provide seating and tableware for the adults.
What do I need to bring with me?The standard party package includes decorated party area. This will include tablecloths, napkins, plates, forks, balloons. We have extra plain plates if secondary food is served, for example if you are having pizza then we set the tables with dinner plates and napkins, and then use plain plates and napkins for the cake if cake is served. We also provide spoons if needed, a lighter for the candles, and a cake slice. If you wish to have a different theme other than “ OUR RED AND BLACK COLOR SCHEME then you may bring in your own décor. Simply advise the party coordinator of this and hand the décor to the party supervisor upon arrival and the party hostess will set up the area for you using your décor. If you plan on providing food for adults please bring additional plates and napkins but note that there is no seating for adults in the party area.
Is there a charge for children under the age of 2?
  • We do not charge for children under the age of 2, however they do not receive a wrist band and therefore are not allowed to play on the equipment.
  • Our facility is not recommended for children under the age of 2.
  • What food may I bring in?You may bring in or have delivered the following types of food:
    Cake, Cookies, Pastries, Pizza, Chicken Nuggets, Pre-made Sandwiches / Wraps, Fruit, Veggie Trays. Please obtain approval from your party supervisor if you wish to bring in anything other than what is listed. Items not approved are sauces, foods that need to be heated, foods that require extensive serving, condiments, any food that may have a strong or lingering odor.
    Does Obstacle Warrior Kids provide party favors?Party favors are not included in the package, however Obstacle Warrior Kids does offer party favors for purchase as a convenience. There are 3 options and all are priced at $5.50 each.
    Do I need to order my own food?Yes, we do not supply any food items. Your party supervisor will advise you on what time to have food delivered upon follow up.
    Are there planned activities for the party?The gym play time is not structured, however there are ample trained staff that will assist the children throughout the course. The kids are free to play on any obstacle or play dodgeball at any time. We do have “Personal Ninja Coaches” these coaches as designated to your party only and will focus on the birthday child and his/her friends , keeping them together as a group and leading them through the obstacle course, teaching them skills and technique’s, playing dodgeball with them and leading them back to the party area when the party is called in for cake. The cost for this is $100 per hour, and is a great bonus for your party.
    Can I bring in drinks?Yes you may bring in extra soft drinks, as long as they are individual serving size, we do not allow drinks that are poured into cups due to spillage. Any drinks must stay in the party area and cannot go out on the gym floor. No glass bottles are allowed.
    Is my deposit refundable?Deposits are nonrefundable but do apply towards the total cost of the party. If you need to change your party date or time, this can be done if there is at least 21 days’ notice. We do not keep your credit card information on file so you will be asked to provide payment at the end of the party. If you need to reschedule your party within 1 week of the planned date then a $100 rescheduling fee may apply.