How long is the party?The Standard and DIY party packages are a total of 2 hours. If you wish to have a different length of party this can be arranged with the event coordinator and fees may apply.
How many children are included in the party?In all packages - all participants are counted.
Hosted Party Packages:
Small package: $250 for up to 10 Kids and $25 for each additional guest.
Regular package: $375 for up to 15 Kids and $15 for each additional guest.
Private Party: $875 for up to 25 Kids $20 for each additional. Includes 3 personal Ninja coaches in the private gym.
DIY – OPEN packages:
Small Package: $200 for up to 10 Kids and $19 for each additional
Regular Package $295 for up to 15 Kids and $17 for each additional
DIY- Private room Package:
Small Package: $225 for up to 10 Kids and $20 for each additional
Regular Package $315 for up to 15 Kids and $18 for each additional
Large Package $495 for up to 25 Kids and $15 for each additional
Is the party private?The main gym area will be open to the public during your party. We may sometimes have other parties at the same time, however we always try to stagger the parties to avoid over-crowding.

The DIY packages have 2 options. Open area and private room. The open area is located in the back area of the gym. Tables will be reserved for the length of your party. The Private room is the option where you have access to a private party room for up to 30 minutes. The party room will be available to you after one hour or play.

Are siblings allowed to join the party?Anyone participating is counted. If a parent brings a sibling that was not included in the party they have the option of purchasing regular admission at the front desk but are not considered part of the party. They may enter the party room if you wish along with attending adults but seating is not provided. If you would like to include a sibling you may inform your party host and they will adjust the seating and add them to the party package at the rate the package denotes.
Will I have party area access for the entire party?With a party room you will only have guaranteed access to the party room for up to 30 minutes. This will be after an hour of play. With the standard package the room maybe ready for you upon check in. The party host will notify you once you arrive if the room is ready. If the room is not ready the party host will store your items and once the room is available the host will set up for you. For the DIY package, the party staff will store your items and you will have access to the room after 45 minutes of play so that you may set up.
Parents of guests?Parents are welcome in the party, however we do not encourage you to invite too many adults as the party room is for the kids and it is standing room only for adults. We do not provide seating and tableware for the adults.
What do I need to bring with me?The standard party packages are full service. The party host will set up the room for you. The tables will be set up with red and black décor. We will provide tablecloths, plates, napkins, forks and spoons, cake knife, lighter, bottled water for the kids in the party, 1 T-shirt for the birthday child. You may bring in your own décor if you have a special theme and the host will be happy to assist with set up. We do not provide food and you may bring in your own food. The event coordinator will go over the restrictions at time of follow up.

With the DIY packages it is self-serve. You will be required to bring your own décor, tableware, food, drinks and utensils. You will be required to set up , self-serve and clean up. Trash can and bags will be provided. There are restrictions on food and drink in the open area.

Does Obstacle Warrior Kids provide party favors?Party favors are not included in the package, however Obstacle Warrior Kids does offer party favors for purchase as a convenience. There are 3 options and all are priced at $5.50 each.
What food may I bring in?For Party rooms:
You may bring in or have delivered the following types of food:
Cake, cookies, pastries, pizza, chicken nuggets, pre-made sandwiches/wraps, Fruit, Veggie trays. Please obtain approval from the event coordinator if you wish to bring anything not listed.

For Open area:
Basic foods are approved however items such as Ice-cream, Ice-cream cakes, popcorn, sauces, and condiments are not permitted. Only plastic bottled waters are permitted in the open area.

Are there planned activities for the party?The gym play time is not structured, however there are ample trained staff that will assist the children throughout the course. The kids are free to play on any obstacle or play dodgeball at any time. We do have “Personal Ninja Coaches” these coaches as designated to your party only and will focus on the birthday child and his/her friends , keeping them together as a group and leading them through the obstacle course, teaching them skills and technique’s, playing dodgeball with them and leading them back to the party area when the party is called in for cake. The cost for this is $100 per hour, and is a great bonus for your party.
Do I need to order my own food?Yes we do not supply or order food. You should have the food delivered about 45 minutes after check in.
Is my deposit refundable?Deposits are nonrefundable but do apply towards the total cost of the party. If you need to change your party date or time, this can be done if there is at least 21 days’ notice. We do not keep your credit card information on file so you will be asked to provide payment at the end of the party. If you need to reschedule your party within 1 week of the planned date then a $100 rescheduling fee may apply.
Can I bring in drinks?Yes you may bring in extra soft drinks, as long they are in individual serving size and they are no glass containers. We do not allow cups and large bottles/pitchers. Drinks must stay in the party room or at the tables.